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Nevada Revised Statutes: Section 602.010 Filing the Certificate with the County Clerk Once you`ve reserved a domain name for your DBA, consider setting up a business phone system to boost your customer service and increase your credibility. We recommend Nextiva because of its affordable prices and a variety of useful features. Start using Nextiva on the phone. The legal name of a sole proprietor or partnership may be the full first and last name of the owner, which may be used without registration. For example, if John Smith starts a business that repairs computers but doesn`t use a company name, he doesn`t need to register. If John decides to name his company John`s Computer Repair, he must register. Registering a fictitious company name in Nevada, also known as a DBA, is easy! Your local bank may require a fictitious name certificate to open a business account for you; If so, they can tell you where to sign up. In most states, companies are not required to submit fictitious trade names unless they do business under names other than their own. Incorporation documents have the same effect on corporations as requests for fictitious names for sole proprietorships and partnerships.

Any change in ownership or partner of a corporation under an adopted name requires a new certificate and must be submitted to the clerk within one month. These links will take you to the fictitious company name websites for some of the most populous counties: Sole proprietorships are often confused with database administrators, but it`s not the same thing: a sole proprietorship is a business unit, so it can choose to become an LLC. If filing a DBA marks the beginning of your business trip, you should follow a few additional steps before you begin: Before submitting a file, you will need to search the county records to make sure your exact name is not already taken. We will provide contact information for district offices in Step 2. You should also consider any state naming rules. Fictitious corporate names must be registered by mail or in person. The form must be notarized or signed in person at the Clerk`s office. Any person, entity, partnership or partnership that conducts, continues or carries on business in the State of Nevada under a supposed or fictitious name or designation must file a certificate of business with the clerk of the county of each county in which the business is carried on or is to be carried on in accordance with Chapter 602 of the Revised Statutes of Nevada. Any person doing business in that state under an alleged or fictitious name that is somehow different from the legal name of any person who has an interest in the business must file with the county clerk of each county in which the company operates a certificate containing the information required by Chapter 602 of the Revised Nevada Statutes. Download the Company Certificate: Fictitious Company Name (PDF).

As a reminder, Clark County suggests checking their fictitious company name records before filing to make sure your name isn`t already taken. Companies and limited liability companies generally do not register a fictitious name because a unique entity name is created during the incorporation process. Some will apply for a DTA if they have another business that they wish to operate under the umbrella of their company/LLC to maintain liability protection without having to form another entity. To request a new fictitious business name (dba) or renew an existing name, fill out the online form and print it out. We do not currently offer online filing of these documents. You must submit an original form with signatures, which we keep for our records. Note: Registering a fictitious name does not prevent anyone from registering the same name in Nevada. While it`s important to prevent others from using your company name, you can protect it with a trademark – Learn how to protect your name with a trademark.

In the state of Nevada, the law requires that anyone doing business in that state under a supposed or fictitious name that does not show the real name of each person who has an interest in the company must file a fictitious company name certificate (FFN) with the county clerk of each county where the business is conducted. A professional department takes care of classifying your DBA on your behalf, so you can focus on the other needs of your business. Note: State law requires us to charge a fee for copies and a search for records. A number of requests for copies of documents are received in the mail, and often clients pay more than is required by law. Overpayments of $10 or less will not be reimbursed by this office, except at the express request of the client. Claims for reimbursement of an overpayment must be submitted in writing within sixty days of receipt and must include the receipt number. If you are submitted by mail, attach a stamped envelope to your home address with your payment and the completed form so that we can send you your receipt and copies. .