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14 About our services (continued) The Community Services Program worked with the Dual Diagnosis Project to initiate an anxiety and depression group as a reference point for individuals identified at the time of assessment by the modified Mini Mental Health Screen. Thank you to the fabulous practitioners who offer their treatments at low or no cost: Michelle Leber Daniel Ross Tamar Urbach Sue Beamish Larry Sutcliffe Alex Carpenter Zoe West Chantelle Bazerghi All Windana Acupuncture Mentorship Program Students and Volunteers Endeavour College students and staff. Compassionate, wise and highly qualified members of the Intake and Assessment, Complementary Therapies and Counselling/Case Management teams. Thanks to funding from the Federal Department of Health and Ageing, Windana was able to test a daily programme. The program was an innovative type of service as the first highly structured AOD day program for adults in the state. Six months after Windana was funded for a 12-month pilot program, the state Department of Health (then Social Services) announced its own three-year daily program for alcohol-dependent clients. The program was carried out four days a week. It has used evidence-based practice by providing weekly psychoeducational groups with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and has a strong peer-based approach. The program began at the end of December 2008 and ended at the end of March 2010, a period of 15 months. Windana is very satisfied with the success of the day`s program in such a short time.

The program has been very successful with a high degree of completion compared to other types of treatment. Of the 53 customers who committed to the program beyond the first Try Before You Buy week, 28 completed the course. Eleven people who started the Try Before You Buy week did not expect this first week of introduction. Unfortunately, the program has not received ongoing funding, but Windana will continue to seek funding to reopen this program. It`s been a tough year for Windana`s programs, but growth and change are the nature of our work. Thank you to a dynamic, qualified, enthusiastic and compassionate team and to the respect of customers who continue to amaze with their courage and dignity in the face of adversity. The daily program was a structured 12-week community rehabilitation program for adults to overcome their drug addiction (alcohol and drugs) and related life problems. The daily program has also worked with people who may have a concurrent mental health problem.

It can accommodate up to 12 people with a strict attendance policy. 14 8 Members of our Board of Directors Windana`s work is overseen by a dedicated Board of Directors whose members provide Windana with strong governance and strategic advice. All positions on the Board of Directors are voluntary and we greatly appreciate the contribution of former and current Board members. Board meetings are held monthly, with an Annual General Meeting in November of each year. Peter Hay – Chairman of the Board Since 2004, Peter has been Head of the Audit Services Practice at KPMG in Melbourne, specialising in advisory services. Peter joined KPMG from ANZ over 12 years ago, where he was a senior executive in investment banking and fiduciary of the anz Australian Staff Superannuation Fund. Peter`s career spans more than 30 years in the financial markets industry, including more than 10 years at ANZ and Merchant Bank, Capel Court. Risk management, fraud audits, corporate governance reviews, board self-assessments, strategic planning and compliance reviews are all part of Peter`s extensive capabilities.

Rebecca Smith – Vice Chair of the Board effective date 1999 With qualifications in health, wellness and management, Rebecca has worked in government and community managed service organisations in Australia and overseas. He has a strong skills base in community counseling, planning and program development. She currently works as a project consultant. Rebecca is Chair of the Client Services Committee. Amy Jewell, Treasurer of the Board of Directors Since 2008 Amy has been a Senior Director in the Audit Services practice at KPMG in Melbourne. She has been with KPMG for nine years and specializes in internal and external audit and accounting services for pension and financial services clients. Amy chairs the Finance and Governance Committee. Jenny Gillam Secretary to the Board of Directors As of 2002 Jenny is Managing Director of Wallage Executive and has worked for the company for over 10 years. During this time, she advised many medium and large private companies and not-for-profit organizations on the appointment of middle, senior and senior executives. Prior to that, Jenny had a broad and varied career with the Commonwealth Government in the areas of employment, training and education. As a senior manager, she has worked closely with the community and some businesses on a number of initiatives aimed at creating employment opportunities for the unemployed and other disadvantaged groups.

Jenny has extensive experience in the public, private and municipal sectors and skills in human resources management consulting and executive recruitment. Jenny is particularly interested in youth, family problems, drug and alcohol supplies, and education. Jenny is Chair of the Human Resources Advisory Committee. Sally Webster joined the Board of Directors in 1999 In addition to her experience in research and television journalism, Sally has built a career in various areas of law such as workers` compensation, litigation and migration. Her current work is migration, which has led her into the field of human rights. Sally was a founding member of The Justice Project in 2004, along with Julian Burnside QC and others, and continues to bring her professional experience in refugee law and not-for-profit governance. Patricia Healy joined the Board of Directors in 2006 Pat has been active in the areas of community and public health and occupational health and safety (OHS) for many decades. She has worked primarily in research positions, but also in service delivery and management with government agencies, community organizations and academic institutes. Pat also has a long history of volunteering in the areas of alcohol and other drug-related services, women`s health and community development. 8 If you have any further questions, please email with the subject line: AOD Support Worker Enquiries via EthicalJobs. These positions are available on an opportunity basis, with salary and terms in line with the Social Community Home Care Disability Services Industry Award 2010 and the Windana Enterprise Agreement 2016.

GREAT WALTHAM C of E PRIMARY SCHOOL CHILD PROTECTION POLICY July 2015 Approved by staff July 2015 Adopted by FGB Committee Governors July 2015 Recommended Review Date July 2016 1 IMPORTANT CONTACTS WITHIN 4 Drug and Alcohol Recovery Helping people rebuild their lives Who we are Windana provides drug and alcohol treatment services to help those affected, Rebuilding their lives Last year, we helped more than 1,000 people rebuild their lives. Who we help We help people who have separated from their families, children, friends and community – because of harmful drug and alcohol use. What we believe We believe people can rebuild their lives. What we do We build a relationship of trust with our clients and offer a range of integrated services for all our programs. Our vision of success We believe that success means passing the door. What we offer Our work with clients is holistic and we treat the whole person, both physically and emotionally. Over time, customers can achieve real change and personal growth. Windana offers a variety of programs where clients learn new social and practical skills to prepare them for a successful life in the community. 7 Jenny`s story My name is Jenny and I`ve been to Windana Youth Detox twice. The support they have given me is phenomenal. I know very well that without the help of the staff and the methods they use, I would always be in the worst position. I learned a lot about myself and new ways to deal with my anxiety, depression and anger.

The staff at Windana are amazing and always open to how I feel. Whenever I felt anxious or angry, they helped me with strategies that I now use in my personal life. The work that Windana has done for me and for other people I know who have also been there has always been so overwhelmed by the care and support we receive from there. .